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Newest Customs Agents Get Head Start
(El Paso Times – 12-23-88)

Do As I Say, Not as I Do
Champion Newspaper – 10-09-97)

U.S. Customs Whistleblower Exposes Dangerous Freight
(Narco News – 99)

True Democracy
(Associated Press – 99)

Bias Allegations Spark Customs Staffing Changes at Hartsfield
(Atlanta Journal Constitution – 04-99)

Customs Search Bias Probe at Atlanta Airport Results in
Black Supervisor Replacing White
(Jet Magazine – 04-99)

Customs Transfers White Supervisor Over Bias Charges – 
Inspectors at Atlanta Airport Alleged to Singled Out Blacks
(Associated Press – 04-01-99)

Customs Makes Staffing Changes at Atlanta Airport
(Associated Press – 04-01-99)

Atlanta Reassigns Staff After Racial Discrimination Allegations
(Airwise News – 04-02-99)

As Charges of Racism Grow:  
Customs Service Changes Called "Damage Control
(Final Call Newspaper – 04-03-99)

Cold Welcome
(Essence Magazine – 05-99)

Whistleblowers, Customs at Odds
(Associated Press - 05-20-99)

Customs Agents Plan to File Suit
(Associated Press – 05-25-99)

(Source Magazine – 06-99)

Customs Curbed: Rules for Airport Searches Modified
(Atlanta Journal Constitution – 08-12-99)

Customs Set to Fire Whistleblower
(Associated Press – 10-99)

Blacks Hurting After Racism Charges
(California Voice - 10-24-99)

Racism at Customs Unites Blacks
(California Voice - 11-07-99)

Airport Whistleblower Subject of Continued Harassment
(Atlanta Voice – 11-13-99)

Customs Plans Firing Over Bias Disclosure
(New York Times – 11-21-99)

Changes Threaten 'Good Government Jobs
(Final Call Newspapers – 11-30-99)

Customs Employee Served With Termination Letter
(NNPA – 12-16-99)

Customs Critics Rally at Airport
(Atlanta Journal Constitution - 12-19-99)

Help Stop "Flying While Black"
(Soul of America Travel Website – 00)

Flying While Black & Female
(Rootz Reggae – 00)

Flying While Black
(Worldwide Whistleblowers – 00)

The “Reward” for a Whistleblower
(National Alliance for Positive Action - 01-04-00)

Watchworthy Whistleblowers
(Glamour Magazine – 03-00)

Cathy Harris, Honored for Whistleblowing
(Atlanta Newsleader - 04-06-00)

Black Customs Agent Facing Termination 
for Blowing Whistle About Racism
(Black Enterprise Magazine – 04-10-00)

Servicio de Aduanas Suspende a Trabajadora 
que Denuncio’ Abusos 
(Mundo Hispanico  -  04-11-00)

Customs ‘Whistleblower’ May Lose Job, Home
(Atlanta Inquirer - 04-15-00)

Atlanta’s Whistleblower Cathy Harris Called Modern-Day Rosa Parks
(Georgia Sentinel – 04-15-00)

The Whistleblower Was Right
(Politically Black – 04-26-00)

Flying While Black
(Upscale Magazine – 05-00)

Customs Retaliates Against Employees Who Expose Racism
(NNPA - 01-05-00)

Woman Honored for Exposing Strip Searches at O’Hare
(Chicago Defender - 05-13-00)

Whistleblower Faces Homelessness
(Dogonvillage - 05-19-00)

Chicago Group Honors Atlanta Customs ‘Whistleblower’ 
(Atlanta Inquirer – 05-20-00)

United States Customs Whistleblower Cathy Harris Brings
Fight to Chicago
(Chicago Defender – 05-20-00)

Racial Profiling: Will it Ever Cease?
(Signs of the Times - 08-04-00)

Black Customs Agent Facing Termination for Blowing Whistle
(Black Enterprise Magazine - 10-31-00)

U.S. Customs Employee Seeks Help
(The California Voice – 11-12-00)

Customs Whistleblower Broke, Jobless-Still Fighting
(Atlanta Inquirer – 11-18-00)

Whistleblower Asks for Help
(Atlanta Daily World – 11-19-00)

Back to Work for Whistleblower
(Atlanta Daily World – 11-19-00)

Atlanta’s Whistleblower Asks Black America for Help
(Connection Weekly – 12-09-00)

Book Released - Flying While Black
(Milligan Books – 01)

Whistleblower Back at Work – But Not at Old Job
(Atlanta Inquirer - 01-06-01)

Take A Stand
(Essence Magazine – 02-01)

The Whistleblower
(Essence Magazine – 02-01)

Flying While Black Book Tells All
(San Francisco Bureau – 04-01)

Lewis' Bill Would Bar Racial Profiling in Customs Searches
(Atlanta Journal Constitution – 06-01-01)

Book Review – Flying While Black: A Whistleblower’s Story
(Atlanta Tribune – 07-01)

Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Things
(Upscale Magazine – 08-01)

Tackling Airport Racial Profiling
(Black Enterprise Magazine – 08-01)

“Get Your Hand Out of My Passport!”
(Rolling Out Newspaper - 12-06-01)

Smith to Host "Women as Whistleblowers Conference"
(Smith College – 03-02)

Special Recipient Awards – Cathy Harris
(Atlanta Caribbean Awards - 03-22-03)

Whistleblower   Protection Crucial to Homeland Security
(Federal Times Magazine – 05-12-03)

"Cathy Harris Wins Whistle Awards"
(No Fear Coalition – 09-04)

US Racial Profiling Undermines National Security
(Amnesty International – 09-04)

There is One U.S. Racial Profiling Victim for Every Resident of Canada
(Amnesty International - 09-01-04)

Muslim American Society

"The Cathy Harris Story - The Voice of 
Conscious Crying in The Wilderness"
(Exodus News – 05-05)

"Whistleblower Mistreatment Exposes Bush Hypocrisy"
(Black Omaha Online 05-05)

Black International Travelers May Get Hassles
(Post Travel Writer Chauncey Bailey – 05-10-06)

Author Using Lessons Learned to Help Others Rebuild
(Crossroad News - 07-27-06)

Black Women and Customs Clash
(Final Call - 06-02-97)

Unscheduled Departure for a Jamaican at BWI 
(Baltimore Sun - 10-01-97)

U.S. Customs Drug Searches Raise Worries 
 (Baltimore Sun - 10-19-97)

Former Agent Alleges Racial Discrimination 
(El Paso Times - 98)

Customs Official Target of Grand Jury 
(San Diego Union Tribune - 03-06-98)

Woman Awarded $450,000 for Strip Search
(Federal Times – 04-98)

Customs Service Criticized From Inside 
(Federal Times - 04-98)

Customs Accused of Unfair Searches of Women 
(U.S.A. Today - 07-15-98)

Unscheduled Departure for a Jamaican at BWI –  After Strip-Searched
for Drugs - He’s Taken to Hospital for X-Rays
(Baltimore Sun - 08-04-98)

U.S. Customs Drug Searches Raise Worries – Women Who
Resisted Officers at BWI Says She Was Singled Out
(Baltimore Sun – 08-04-98)

Customs Service Accused of Job Bias
(NNPA - 09-10-98)

Bigotry Reigns Supreme within U.S. Customs Service
(NNPA – 09-10-98)

Racism & Retaliation – Customs Service Protects Prejudice
(NNPA – 10-03-98)

Defiant Discrimination - The Old Customs Bashes Blacks
(NNPA - 10-19-98)

Drug Smuggling, Causes Customs Service to See Black
(NNPA – 10-27-98)

U.S. Customs - Hassled While Coming Home
(NNPA - 11-19-98)

Customs Tests X-Ray Drug Search 
(U.S.A. Today 11-25-98)

X-Rays Replace Strip Searches for Drugs
(Associated Press – 11-25-98)

Customs Drug Searches Prompt Suits 
(Associated Press - 12-02-98)

Customs Officials Stand by Tactics
(Associated Press - 12-03-98)

Top South Florida Official is Accused of Personnel Abuses 
(Miami Herald Special Report - 12-13-98)

Some Agents Who Blow the Whistle Face Administrative Retribution 
(Miami Herald Special Report - 12-13-98)

Team Plagued by Sex Harassment Claims 
(Miami Herald Special Report -12-13-98)

U.S. Customs: A Culture of Favoritism 
(Miami Herald - 12-13-98)

Black Women Strip-Searched at Airport Joins 
Class-Action Lawsuit against Customs 
(Jet Magazine - 12-21-98)

Customs Chief Wins Lifetime Appointment:
Discrimination Case Angers Other Workers
(Miami Herald – 01-99)

Travel and Blacks: Harassment Nationwide
(NNPA – 01-01-99)

Strip-Search Probe Widens 
(Chicago - NBC News - 01-16-99)

Black Customs Agents Claim Black Travelers Unfairly Targeted
(NNPA - 01-16-99)

South Florida Managers Transferred in Customs Shake-Up 
(Miami Herald - 01-27-99)

Corruption in U.S. Customs
(Atlanta Daily World – 02-04-99)

Customs Retrain Drug Searchers
(Associated Press - 02-12-99)

New Report Assails Infighting at U.S. Customs
(Miami Herald - 02-13-99)

Retired Customs Boss Offers to Testify 
(Miami Herald - 02-14-99)

Federal Inquires Aimed at Customs 
(Miami Herald - 02-14-99)

Twin Federal Inquiries Target Customs Service Management
(Miami Herald - 02-14-99)

Senate, Treasury Launch Investigations of Customs 
(Miami Herald - 02-14-99)

Customs Under Fire 
(Miami Herald - 02-14-99)

Customs Service is Probed 
(Associated Press - 02-14-99

Report Chastises Chief of South Florida Customs
(Miami Herald - 02-16-99)

Kelly Taps Prosecutor to Head Customs Internal Affairs 
(Washington Bureau - 02-16-99)

Former Miami Prosecutor Takes Customs Post
(Miami Herald - 02-17-99)

NTEU Union Chief Says He'll Step Down 
(Washington Post - 02-17-99)

Aiming to Enforce Change at Customs
(Washington Post - 02-17-99)

U.S. Customs Admits Its Own Drug Corruption 
(New York Times - 02-17-99)

U.S. Customs Service Facing Shakeup 
(Washington Post - 02-17-99)

New Reports Assails Infighting at U.S. Customs
(Miami Herald - 02-17-99)

Customs Internal Woes Invite Corruption 
(Miami Herald - 02-18-99)

Retired Customs Boss Offers to Testify
(Miami Herald – 02-24-99)

Customs Retrain Drug Searchers
(Associated Press - 03-12-99)

Lewis Calls for Probe of Customs Bias Claims 
(Washington Bureau - 03-25-99)

Customs Agent Seeks End to ‘Flying While Black’ Snag
(Chicago Defender – 04-99)

Customs Transfers White Supervisor Over Bias Charges
(Associated Press - 04-01-99)

Travel and Blacks: Harassment Nationwide
(Oakland Tribune - 04-01-99)

Bias Allegation Spark Customs Staffing Changes at Hartsfield
(Atlanta Journal Constitution - 04-02-99)

Customs Service Changes Called Damage Control
(The Final Call - 04-03-99)

Customs To Study Search Complaints
(Associated Press - 04-07-99)

Customs Panel Envisioned to Probe Bias
(New York Times - 04-08-99)

Blacks and Travel: Racism at U.S. Customs
(The Sun-Reporter – 04-08-99)

Customs Service Will Review Drug-Search Process for Bias
(New York Times - 04-09-99)

New Panel to Probe Claims of Customs Bias
(Atlanta Journal Constitution - 04-09-99)

A Tale of Bureaucratic Racism Against Minorities
(NNPA – 04-10-99)

Blacks Fighting Customs and Travel Racism
(Oakland Tribune - 04-14-99) 

Racism at U.S. Customs
(Oakland Tribune - 04-14-99)

U.S. Customs Failures Treated Leniently
(Miami Herald - 05-09-99)

Customs Wrongdoing, Customary Leniency?
(Miami Herald -05-09-99)

Agency is Faulted for its Handling of Claims of Bribery, 
Sexual Misconduct
(Miami - 05-09-99)

Reforms Proposed for Embattled Agency
(Miami Herald - 05-09-99)

Customs Practices Under Fire
(ABC News – 05-20-99)

Customs Abuse Stories Trouble Congressman
(Atlanta Journal Constitution - 05-21-99)

Probe Lashes Customs After Herald Report
(Miami Herald - 05-23-99)

Audit Cites Customs 'Fear of Reprisal'
(Miami Herald - 05-23-99)

Allegations of Wrongdoing Increase against U.S. Customs Service
(Associated Press - 05-25-99)

Senate Berates Customs
(Associated Press – 05-25-99)

Customs Says It's More Alert to Corruption
(Miami Herald - 05-26-99)

Break the Old Customs - Let Prosecutors Handle Wrongdoers  
(Miami Herald - 05-27-99)

Lewis Calls for Probe of Customs Bias Claims
(Atlanta Journal Constitution – 05-99)

Congress Hears Travel Racism Charges
(San Francisco Bureau - 05-30-99)

Bailey Seeks Apology from U.S. Customs Agents
(Chicago Defender - 06-99)

The Dangers of Traveling While Black
(NNPA - 06-10-99

Employee Racism at Customs Prompts New Lawsuit
(NNPA - 06-16-99)

Customs’s Procedures Questioned
(Associated Press – 06-28-99)

U.S. Customs Changes Policy on Searching Suspected Drug Smugglers
(New York Times - 08-12-99)

Customs Curbed:  Rules for Airport Searches Changed
(Atlanta Journal Constitution - 08-12-99)

Put Off by Agency's Treatment
(Indianapolis Star - 10-09-99)

Executive Files ‘Racial Profiling’ Complaint Against Customs
(Associated Press – 11-18-99)

Chicago Airport Has Found A Way Around Body Search
(Associated Press - 11-22-99)

Racial Profiling Hits Airlines
(Washington Afro Staff - 11-27-99)

Customs Commissioner Cites Changes
(NNPA - 12-27-99)

The Naked Truth: Airport Security Scanner Raises Privacy Concerns
(Associated Press - 12-30-99)

Race Beyond The Nuances
(Julianne Malveaux (Syndicated Columnist) –  00)

John Lewis Introduces Bill to Protect the Rights of 
International Travelers
(Associated Press - 03-16-00)

Study Finds Wide Disparities in Customs' Intrusive Searches
(Washington Post - 04-10-00)

Strip Searches and X-Rays: Black Women Stopped 
Disproportionately by Customs
(Associated Press - 04-10-00)

Report:  Customs Profiles Black Women
(Philadelphia Tribune - 04-11-00)

Judge Slams Customs in Whistleblower Case
(Miami Herald - 04-17-00)

Strip Searches of Black Women Higher Than Any Other Group:
Investigation Finds that Black Women Are Nine Times as Likely 
to Be Strip Searched as White Women
(Champion Newspaper – 04-20-00)

U.S. Customs Applies A Double Standard in Two Directions at Once
(NNPA – 04-27-00)

Bailey Seeks Apology from U.S. Customs Agents
(Chinta Strausberg – 06-01-00)

Jury Awards Agent $1 Million
(San Antonio Times - 06-27-00)

 ‘Flying While Black’ Rooted in Racism at U.S. Customs
(NNPA – 04-28-00)

Panel:  Customs Need Outside Advice
(Associated Press - 06-28-00)

Customs Review Finds Flaws
(Washington Post - 06-29-00)

Congressional Black Caucus Staff Victims of Racial Profiling
(NNPA - 07-11-00)

X-Rated X-Ray: Airport Searches Reveal More Than Passengers Know
(Associated Press – 08-21-00)

Report Criticizes Customs Service
(Black Enterprise Magazine – 10-31-00)

Customs Strip-Search Case Dismissed
(Baltimore Sun – 12-01-00)

Don’t Under Dress for Customs
(ABC News - 08-22-01)

Airport Security Over Privacy? Technology for Safer Airports 
Raises Privacy Issues
(Associated Press - 12-11-01)

Black Women Say They Are Race Profiling Targets Too
(Natl. Alliance for Positive Action – 07-02-02)

How Safe Are Our Borders: Customs Fails to Detect 
Depleted Uranium Carried From Europe to U.S.
(ABC News - 09-11-02)

National Action Network Places Canada on “Travel Restricted 
for African Americans” List Due to Canadian Profiling, Strip Searches 
Using Detroit Border
(Multicultural Advantage – 04-06-2003)

Canadian Border Way Too Open
(Associated Press - 09-11-03)

Black Woman Gets $350,000 Settlement for 
Florida Airport Strip Search
(Associated Press – 11-20-03)

Torturous Abuse Not Limited to Saddam’s Dungeons
(NNPA – 12-26-2003)

Bush Picks Ex-Prosecutor for Homeland Post
(ABC News - 01-11-05)

Homeland Security Again Accused of Racial Profiling
(Narco News – 01-20-05)

Infighting Hinders Homeland Security Squabbles Said to Reduce 
Department’s Effectiveness
(Washington Post – 02-02-05)

RE: Corruption by Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
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